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Account Manager Position


The AM (Account Manager) role at TSC, Inc. is a fun and fast paced sales support position. You must be driven to find  opportunities, self-motivated to stay on task, and creative to provide custom solutions for your clients.

If this is you we want to talk with you! Below are the basic responsibilities of the role. Please send your resume and contact information to for review. We look forward to talking with you soon!


Main Objective: Manage the promotional product sales cycle for existing clients with a goal of maximizing sales.


Account Manager (AM) Job Responsibilities


  • Work cohesively and efficiently with POD team mates to execute business

  • Be aware of and work towards meeting POD and company revenue goals

  • Correct and clear job entry information/notes

  • Clear and timely communication with all TSC business units (PODs, CSRs, Accounting, Warehouse)

  • Effective OPQ execution (Opportunities, Proposals, and Quotes)

  • Maintain a clean/updated POD Opportunity Pipeline

  • Timely and service focused communication with clients. Quick response even if to say “Thank you for reaching out. We are working on this for you, and I will respond by X.”

  • Set respectful boundaries and negotiations with clients/team mates  

  • Strive to maintain existing client relationships

  • Collaborate with clients to provide new services and seek opportunities for growth

  • Drive efficiencies within POD activity to continue POD expansion

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