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Many companies love to show appreciation to their customers by giving them branded items to use.  Often the process of getting these branded products can be confusing and time-consuming. TSC's years of experience and custom processes alleviate any worry about the quality or delivery time of your products.


Founded in 1991, TSC started with a simple yet ambitious goal: to provide our clients with innovative recommendations and quality promotional items both on time and on budget. Since then, our product offering has grown far beyond the usual advertising specialty and promotional items, and our approach to customer service has grown leaps and bounds beyond simply providing recommendations. 

As we’ve grown, so has our experience. Plus, we’ve added support staff, expanded our office facilities, added services such as warehousing, online management, and delivery, and modernized and improved every aspect of our operations—all in an effort to provide our clients with the best promotional products and customer service available. 

Today, our goal is more ambitious than ever: to use our knowledge and experience to help you grow and improve your business. Indeed, we’re as dedicated to your success as we are our own, and we’re committed to going the extra mile to make sure you’re completely satisfied. 



CEO: Sam Riden

Vice President of Sales: Bethany Farr -

Vice-President of Marketing & Client Strategy: Kelly Jo Riden –

Vice President of Operational Excellence: Ty Owen –

Vice President of Integrations: Chuck Stewart -

Director of  Warehouse Operations: Donna O'Brien-

Director of Vision & New Business: Stephen McFadden -


Team Black -

Kristy England, Angela Graham, Dean Simon, Liza Sanders, Noel Pecha

Team Gray -

Adrian Seaman, Diane White, Courtney Boutwell, Karen McCullers, 

Team Red -

Kye Stypulczak, April Smith, Armen Williams, Liv Dottore & Maydin Amante

Team Smoke-

Nikki Laidlaw, Sydney Gray, Josh Palubinsky, Nicki Rosenbaum

Team Onyx -

         Jenna Morris, Ashton Nelson, Aliana McFadden, Carolyn Swanson


Financial Controller: Amanda Tabb, CPA -

Accounts Receivable:

Accounts Payable:

Warehouse -


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